"We were very impressed with his professionalism. The way he handled our questions and seemed to be very knowledgeable about the area. So we decided even though we didn't particularly care for that house, that we wanted him as our realtor in the future. It didn't take long to acquire a strong level of trust. He understood what we were looking for and he was willing to help us find it."


"His level of follow up with us on every question that we had, and we had many. He also worked with us as we were moving from an out of town area, quite a few hours away. He worked his schedule around our schedule - which we very much appreciated. It wasn't just functioning as a realtor. he was really more involved with the process than that because he was able to answer questions about the area, questions about the neighborhood, questions about how things got done and that was very helpful to us. He even offered us a truck to use to help us move things if we needed it."


Doug ande Cheryl Rodgers,